Car Tow in NYC What You Need To Know Before Calling For Help

Car Tow in NYC What You Need To Know Before Calling For Help

Car breakdowns and issues can happen at the most unprecedented times and at the most random of places, thanks to the towing companies who prevent us from being stranded in unfamiliar areas. If you’re in an accident or unable to get your vehicle started, the towing company is always available to help you. To get quick and trustworthy help, it’s better to call the towing company, they’ll not make the situation more stressful for you.

Now the question is in what situations the towing company will help you? Or what exactly do you need to inform your towing service provider once you call them? Here we cover each information for you, in this guide, you’ll get an idea of everything you need to know before getting help from a towing company.

When Should You Call For A Towing Company?

When you can’t get your vehicle started and there’s no option for help then calling a towing company is usually a last resort. The following are the situations when you consider calling a towing company.

  1. Your Car Won’t Start

If your car can’t get started or suddenly stops running, there are steps you can take. Wait a few minutes and then try again. Sometimes this happens because of a dead battery issue and you need to jump-start your car. But after jumpstarting your vehicle or charging its battery your vehicle still does not get started then it may be best to call a tow truck.

  1. You Ran Out of Gas

Running out of gas is the most common problem that any vehicle owner can face. Before taking a long trip, filling up your tank is the better option if you encounter an area without gas stations and there is no one to help you. Then in this situation, the towing company is always available to deliver a fuel gallon to your location.

  1. You Have a Flat Tire

If you have a spare tire and a jack in your vehicle, you may be able to change the flat tire by yourself. But what if you find yourself with a flat tire and no spare or no jack, the lug nuts may be too tight to loosen with hand tools, or in a place where it’s unsafe to work on your car, in these situations towing company will be the best option for you.

  1. You’ve Been in an Accident

Accidents happen, and nobody wants to be in this nightmare situation. However, in the event of an accident, your top priority is to check that no one gets injured and your vehicle is safe too. But in case your car gets damaged then it’s better to avoid driving it because this situation might be extremely dangerous as a damaged car could catch fire or even explode. So, to tow your vehicle without causing any further damage or breakdown call the towing company.

Things You Need To Know Before Calling Towing Company

Here are the 4 things you should know before calling the towing company near you:

What Is Your Location?

Location is the most important information that the towing company needs to know. With the location, the company will locate you and be there to help you. To pinpoint the location and tell it to the company you can check the GPS of your vehicle. In case your vehicle’s GPS isn’t available, then you can try using your phone to pinpoint your location. If the mobile GPS is not working well, then you can tell them what road you are on and what landmarks you see.

Vehicle’s Condition

Another thing that towing companies need to know is what vehicle you have and it’s condition as well. If you provide them the make and model of your vehicle then it will help them to send the right truck on your way. Like if your car is totally damaged then they can use a flatbed truck whereas for slightly damaged cars often companies use wheel-lift tow trucks.

Information About Your Insurance

Your insurance policy information is another thing that a towing company might ask, to determine the method of payment you will choose or the type of coverage you have. Things like your policy number, type of coverage, payment information, etc, you must have to know.

Nearest Mechanic Shop Address

If your car has broken down, the towing service provider can tow it to your destination location or the nearest mechanic shop according to your choice. If you choose the mechanic shop then it will help you to prevent the additional cost of towing your car once again from your home to the mechanic. Sometimes the professionals fix the problem by themselves but if not then you have to know the address of the nearest mechanic shop.

We Are Here To Help You!

To get you out of a difficult or frustrating situation by finding the solution for your vehicle’s problem, our towing company is available to help you. For us, it really doesn’t matter when you contact us for any help, whether it is a day or night, weekday or public holiday we are always available to help you even in bad climatic conditions as well. Because our company offers all the services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help the people when there is no one to help them. We have a team of expert and professional people who have experience of more than 10 years of towing the vehicle safely from one location to another without causing any further damage or breakdown. All the services are available at cheaper rates compared to other top-notch towing companies because we always consider the customer’s problem as ours, that’s why we try our level best to get you back on the road again in the least possible time.

Contact our towing company today to speak with an expert about any towing or car maintenance tips.


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